Who Are We?

Brainstorm Market Research is research and consulting company. CMR with the help of Syndicate Reports/Customized Data/Consultation Services helps our clientele in strategic decision making and leads to success/growth story. It provides over 15,000 client organizations with competitive analysis report, industry overview, market trends data, and product evaluation reports. We offer products and services in more than 100 countries across all the industry verticals for every enterprise size and tiers. Cognitive also offers consulting services, produces conferences, seminars, webinars and other events aimed at the client's success story. As a market research company we deliver the best data quality and higher accuracy on the basis of our Robust Research Methodology, Data Gathering Process, Verified Sources and Industry Experts. We focus on making sure that based on our published reports, database, research team's strength our clients are enabled to make most vital business decisions in easiest and yet effective way. Hence, we are committed to delivering them outcomes from market intelligence studies which are based on relevant and fact-based research across the global market.

What Sets Us Apart From Others

As an indigenous entity, we are committed to strive for the betterment of every organization across the globe. Hence, when it comes to our services we provide top notch data quality and valid source proofing. We make honest endeavors to ensure that our clients are delivered with finest services form our side so that they will be able to make emphatic decisions on a long-term basis. Ultimately, our aim is to rise as a “One Stop Solution”, to all your market research and consulting needs.

Why Us

  • 450+ new clients added each year by Brainstorm Market Research.
  • 1.1 Mn+ new data points and 1500+ reports are covered each year.
  • 2 Mn+ hours of research experience we have and we are growing rapidly.
  • 100+ countries served globally and satisfactions is our strength .
  • 450+ client queries and requirements handled each day by our research team.
  • 24*7 support is provided pre-sales and post-sales.
  • Experienced and highly qualified team of more than 500+ Analyst
  • Physical Presence across 5 Continents with help of 1000+ Freelancers
  • Experienced Team of Primary Respondents Located Across Globe

Recently Published Reports by CMR

Brainstorm Market Research has been sited on various platforms some of the examples that we are cited on are mentioned below for your reference.

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