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Electrical and Electronic Market

The electrical and electronic market refers to the broad product portfolio, which includes electrical devices, radio equipment, and telecommunications devices. Companies in the electrical and electronic engineering market have been involved in the research, development, designing, manufacturing, assembling, sales, and distribution of electronic products. The electrical and electronic market is an umbrella market comprising materials, components, parts, subassemblies, and equipment primarily used in electrical and electronic devices and equipment. The application of the electrical and electronic market can be witnessed in multiple industrial verticals which cover healthcare, aviation, automotive, entertainment, military and defense, and telecommunication, among others. The market is associated with several policies and challenges, a detailed analysis of which is covered in our (Brainstorm Market Research) electrical and electronic market report. Tough competition among the electrical and electronic market players has been repetitively reported in terms of developing innovative products idea, implementing advanced technologies in products and production processes (robotics, AI, machine learning, etc.), digitalization, etc. We at Brainstorm Market Research strived to cover all the detailed and vital aspects of the electrical and electronic market in our exclusive report.

Additional Services

1. Demand estimation modeling

It is the research that is done on the advancements in the automotive industry and the technology used to improve the performance, safety, and sustainability of vehicles, as well as reduced costs and increased efficiency in the manufacturing process.

2. BCG matrix model

With the BCG matrix model, we help our client to understand the strategic position and potential of products/brands. It also improves understanding of the current and future competitive landscape that aids in achieving competitive advantage.

3. Marketing/advertising claims validation

An effective, accurate, truthful, and acceptable marketing or advertising claim boots customers' trust in the brand and company. But false claims can result in a negative brand position. Thus, with our marketing or advertising claims validation services, we help our clients implement and monitor their marketing or advertising claims efficiently and effectively to accelerate their marketing campaign.

4. Market Monitoring Services

In this segment, we strive to offer real-time market insights that aid in in-depth market understanding.

5. Cross-Generational Research/ Consumer Behaviour

The market consists of a wide range of customers who differ in values and behaviors and often have specific preferences for product or service. These customers can be bifurcated into silent generation, baby boomers, generation X, millennials, and generation Z. Thus, with our cross-generational research, we strive to estimate specific needs, behaviors, values, purchasing patterns, thought processes, etc. of the customers. This detailed knowledge of customer help businesses formulate the right product, marketing strategy, and product approaches for the right audience group to enhance their business efficiency and sales.

6. Brand Awareness Research

In brand awareness research services, we conduct primary and secondary research to measure brand awareness. We focus on parameters such as customer surveys, website traffic, website conversions, branded search volume, ad clicks, and social media engagement, to measure brand awareness.

7. Pricing Research

With our pricing research, we help our clients to determine the optimal price of the new or existing product and services and the impact of product/services price change on the demand of offering. We also offer in-depth analysis on competitor price analysis and its impact on demand and sales and conduct surveys to estimate customers' readiness to pay for offerings. Thus, with our pricing research, we strive to improve our clients understanding of pricing factor that aids in making informed pricing strategies and decisions.

8. Concept Testing

With our exhaustive primary research, we strive to understand customers’ opinions on the new product concept or idea. With this research, we strive to offer an in-depth analysis of the customer’s opinion on the company’s offering, such as customers’ acceptance of a product, their willingness to buy, how much they will spend on products, etc.

9. Research on Distribution

With our distribution research, we strive to offer an in-depth analysis of the sales of products through each distribution channel, market size, product presentation, customer reach, factors influencing distribution channels, etc.

10. Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Research

We do an in-depth customer survey, to know customers’ opinions on product satisfaction and brand loyalty. The analysis improves our clients understating and highlights the factors and features which are impacting customer satisfaction and questioning the loyalty of customers.

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