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Paints and Coatings Industry

The paint and coatings industry is an important and dynamic part of the nation's economy. The pain and coating industry is expected to experience significant growth momentum, particularly in the commercial sector. Government investments in public infrastructure projects and increasing construction activities supported the growth of the paint and coating industry. At Brainstorm Market Research, we conducted a study related to market behavior and strategies of paint and coatings products. Our report covers valuable insights for developing a robust strategy measure and examines its impact on a company’s profitability.
Similarly, paint and coating companies have been working hard to ensure the quality and standard of their products by promoting brands on OTP platforms. Our team has decades of experience in providing services that benefit the industry and offer insights related to high-performance protective coatings and architectural coatings for the protection of assets from the adverse effects of corrosion and weathering. We also offer industrial and commercial market solutions to corrosion protection and aesthetic challenges through the analysis of coatings performance and paint application tasks.


1. E-Business value chain

In Brainstorm Market Research, we determine how manufacturers may use the value chain to increase the value and profit margin of their company. A value chain is a model that aids businesses in identifying companies’ distinct competitive advantages and improving their operational procedures to maximize efficiency. E-business has become a critical factor in driving supply chain integration. The paint and coating industry can use the internet to gain global visibility across an extensive network of trading partners. This allows them to respond quickly to changing customer demands. Brainstorm Market Research analyzes the recent advances in information technology to present significant opportunities in supply chain integration.

2. Regulatory compliance analysis

Regulatory compliance is an organization's adherence to laws, regulations, policies, and specifications. Brainstorm Market Research evaluates laws and regulations that can boost the growth of the manufacturing company or even create hindrances in its innovative initiatives. Further, incomplete or inaccurate information regarding regulatory requirements and incurred costs can significantly increase the financial risk for investment clients. The paint and coatings industry is heavily involved in regulatory requirements. In this regard, our team provides a list of chemical regulations and regularly publish a bulletin board summarizing the latest government regulation. We also have a dedicated page on the website to invite members to ask questions and seek help on a weekly basis.

3. Business strategy consulting

Business strategy has become a critical part of business development. Brainstorm Market Research provides creative solutions that help paint and coating manufacturers execute successful strategies. In addition to various promotional tools, our business consultants work with teams to develop strategic visions, value propositions, competitive differentiation, and strategic alternatives.

4. Consumer product & portfolio management

In the paint and coating industry, we help build product management strategies designed for the dynamic business environment. We also support end-to-end transformation and help in reinventing the company’s products based on a complete understanding of customers' fundamental needs.
With our capability, the company can analyze its customers' changing market needs, competitive threats, resource capacity, and pipeline priorities that help maximize ROI. Additionally, consumer product and portfolio management are the most valuable approach when companies consistently deliver value to their customers by understanding their needs.

5. Value-led intelligent enterprise transformation

Nowadays, companies are not just looking to automate processes, but they are moving to digital enterprise platforms that include analytics, mobility, and cloud delivery to make processes flexible, agile, and fast. At Brainstorm Market Research, our value-led intelligent enterprise transformation helps clients design and implement large and complex enterprise resource planning (ERP) programs. We offer unique value-led ERP advisory services that are used to plan and manage all core supply chain, manufacturing, services, financial and other processes of an organization.

6. Commercial excellence analysis

The paints and coating industry must adapt innovative commercial approaches to develop customer preferences and maximize margins. We help to create a category management vision for companies typically left with several fundamental commercial challenges, like unmet needs in the market and how those differ across customer types. In the era of customer excellence, we offer intelligent market insights on how organizations can increase synergy between the business and sourcing strategies. This cross-functional solution enables companies that apply the right combination of data to achieve better decisions for predictive cost and margin analysis, leading to competitive advantage and better stakes.

7. M&A Advisory

M&A advisory guides businesses through the world of mergers and acquisitions as well as debt and equity financing or succession planning. Our global team of M&A advisory professionals has helped the paint and coating industry to acquire new capabilities such as maximizing the value of the business and achieve greater synergies during M&A integration. We advise companies to consider buying, selling, or reorganizing their business and guide them through all types of corporate transactions and often assist in financing debt and equity.

8. Customer consulting solutions

At Brainstorm Market Research, we help companies drive business outcomes through impactful solutions across the customer expedition. Based on the selected program and execution method, customers experience real business impact in terms of qualitative and quantitative metrics. We enable clients to discover what matters most to customers and provide expertise and tools to allow teams to simplify processes and reduce costs while delivering delightful experiences.

9. Logistics and supply chain planning

Logistics and supply chain planning is the process of planning the journey of a material or a product from the raw material stage to the final consumer. Most supply chain managers are under constant pressure to reduce costs, improve supply chain efficiency, and increase profitability. A detailed planning mechanism can help supply chain planners create solid strategies for demand planning in supply chain management. For example, nearly 75.87% of organizations with high-performing supply chains achieve higher revenue growth compared to the industry average. We deliver the best business outcomes leveraging our unique approach to human experience-driven transformation and products embedded in technology and analytics.

9. Loyalty Management

Through a well-equipped structured approach, we help our clients to build a loyalty-centric organization and support them to improve customer retention, repeat purchases, brand advocacy, and customer experience. We also help our clients increase customer engagement and drive customer retention for generating more revenue. Further, we can help in better-serving customers and ultimately build long-term relationships between customers and brands to increase profits.

10. Key Account Supervision

Key account management is a customer relationship management strategy focusing on managing and maintaining relationships with a company's most important or valuable customers. Brainstorm Market Research provides specialized services, such as dedicated account managers or customized solutions, to ensure that these critical accounts are satisfied and continue to do business with the company. Key account management is often used in business-to-business (B2B) sales and can help a company increase revenue and improve customer retention.

11. Marketing Automation

We deliver personalized, relevant, and timely content to clients across multiple channels with a single solution by integrating marketing automation services. Our marketing automation services provide expertise in marketing automation software and the design and execution of successful marketing automation campaigns. This consulting specialization goes better with marketing strategy to help businesses streamline marketing efforts, and maximize marketing results. Our marketing automation consulting services include solutions for sales funnel design and lead nurturing programs development, as well as demand generation and lead generation system building.

12. Finance transformation

A more powerful finance function contributes to organizational agility, results, and effectiveness. We help finance leaders address critical priorities, so finance can support the business and create long-term value. Our team also enables sustainable growth and future-ready finance supported by integrated innovative approaches, digital advancements, methodologies, and deep knowledge to deliver real results.

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