Market Research Athenaeum

What is Market Research Athenaeum?

Athenium Subscription offers portal/dashboard access to all the reports, industries, and markets on our website. It is an Industry intelligent platform that deciphers all the insights such as market dynamics, market share statistics, competitor's Market Share and SWOT, and many more details that will help you grow your business. When you are accessing our website you must have noticed there are multiple reports listed and sometimes you wish to acquire access of more than 2 reports or need access to multiple users for annual subscriptions. Well for this use case, we have a solution. Our Atheniuem Subscription will work best for you, We tried to explain how it works and how you can avail of the service below.

We offer 4 types of subscription and we have designed these on the basis of the client's data use case and user requirements.
  • Multiple Reports Subscription: In case you can purchase access of more than 2 reports and you will be granted the latest/updated report copies along with the respective report's future update subscription. A Dashboard will be provided along with a dedicated research analyst and data support. Billed on the basis of Report count (Bulk Order discount applicable)
  • Industry Subscription: In this scenario, you can subscribe to your focus industry/sub-industry/niche industry or specific required data. Billed monthly//quarterly/annually. (Multi-Annual Discount applicable)
  • Whole Database Subscription: Now you do not have any restrictions in this scenario you can demand to read or interact with anything listed on our company website or even subsidiaries and Tie up Portals. you can customize the report data scope according to your data needs and a dedicated research team will be assigned to your account with us. Billed Annually (Corporate discount applicable)
  • Customized Subscription: Let's discuss this over a scheduled meeting so that we could understand your data requirements and provide you the data access accordingly.

What do I need Market Research Athenaeum Solution?

Your revenue mix is changing. For every B-to-B company, the majority of revenues will be dependent on new technologies, new use cases, new client base, new market opportunities, and new partnerships. The New opportunities to generate reviews are mostly based on two major factors known and unknown adjacent markets. Most important thing is that very few businesses are focusing on these parameters and surprisingly, no market research firm is helping you DECIPHER it.
Athenaeum Subscription gives a representation of the competitive landscape with total potential and in-depth market size analysis. This platform also provides similar information for different applications and technologies. This, in turn, helps clients to understand developments and solve problems; such as, evolving technologies, shifting consumer preferences, changing rules & regulations, and entry of new innovators.
For every revenue decision which you're going to make, at each stage whether it is sales, marketing, product, or different business unit, at every decision point, we offer an in-depth analysis to know what are these factors impacting to your customer, how your customer's business is changing and impacting your revenue decisions.

“How Will This Help You Grow Your Revenue?"

We will help companies and big organizations decipher what amount of revenues can be expected from this high growth connected/adjacent markets? It gets more complex the moment we try to connect and provide data from the adjacent markets (Which also includes data perspective about your clients and their clients). This is why we build markets and markets. We research the revenue potential of all high growth technologies, trends and use cases where very few data is readily/publicly available.

Highlights of Services

  • More than 10,000 industry reports are housed in a research database.
  • A business intelligence tool that allows you to drill down into specific data points and interact with information in real time.
  • Data points from Athenaeum can be simply extracted for use in your own presentations, analysis, and workflows. The data is accessible in the following formats: PowerPoint, PDF, and XLS.
  • Every year, over 1100 new reports are added to Athenaeum, and current reports are updated quarterly or annually.
  • You get the report and access to the data linked with it in Athenaeum for the price of a single report.
  • You may also personalise your subscription to have access to all relevant reports and data sets for your company.
  • Athenaeum was created with the needs of business executives, researchers, and academics in mind.

Key Features

  • Quick access to unlimited reports.
  • Data accessible in the PowerPoint, PDF, and XLS formats.
  • Dedicated team of research associates, sales and 24*7 customer care Support.
  • Affordable prices.
  • Company profiles and portfolios.
  • Easily accessible from any device

Benefits of Customizing your Report

  • Increase the number of countries included in the analysis depending on the licence type
  • Increase the number of product/technology/end-use segments.
  • Include a cross-sectional analysis.
  • Carry out particular product benchmarking research.
  • Investigate certain companies in depth.
  • With the organization-side licence, you get free dashboard customization.
  • Assurance of Service.
  • You'll have direct contact with analysts.

Why is Athenaeum important?

  • Athenaeum is a report distribution platform that aims to make data consumption more efficient.
  • We give reports in XLS format so that clients may analyse our data, pick and choose what data relevant, and run their own statistical models.
  • We create dashboards to give you a more flexible view of market data. Filters assist clients in comparing, shortlisting, and utilising data in a flexible manner.
  • Dashboards can also be used as executive summaries.
  • They have the ability to personalise the dashboards.
  • To contact the writers of the reports, use a direct communication mechanism.

How are we bringing a change in your lives?

Domains, Markets, Technology Megatrends, Regions, and Companies are all connected through Athenaeum. You can access to all technological trends and high-growth niche market survey reports. As a result, you'll be able to keep track of changes and manage difficulties like evolving consumer preferences, replacing technologies, changing legislation, and bringing in new innovators.

We provide a clear vision for every revenue decision you're going to make, at every stage, whether it's sales, marketing, product, or a different business unit, at every decision point, to know what are these unknowns impacting your customer, how your customer's business is changing, and impacting your revenue decisions.

We Have Become The Fastest Growing Market Research Company


  • We reached 1500 different research categories.
  • Till date 700+ clients gave positive feedback.
  • We are growing 50+ employees worldwide.
  • 3 corporate offices around the globe.
  • 2 acquisitions and mergers so far.
  • Revenues and Research Investment multiplied.

Progress Bar

Explore New Research Categories: 73%
Customer Satisfaction: 98%
Add New Clients: 78%
Grow Employee Strength: 80%
Fun, Games, Events: 63%

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